Development of My Personal Identity System

This is a system inspired by the likes of Chad Michael Studio and the mastercraft of Seb Lester's type. These inspirations combined with my strong stylistic approach resulted in a blackletter and serif style harkening back to the 14th and 18th centuries.

About six months ago, I began sketching a variety of marks using my initials "DM" to come up something unique and memorable, with a concept to boot. Ultimately, I pursued further what I had a hunch all along would communicate the essence of me, which was a pair of lowercase, blackletter style initials. I went through many iterations of this style, and scoured the internet for the ideal typeface to serve as base for this mark and bought the wonderful Luxus Gothic, a typeface developed by the talented Drew Melton. The sophisticated and organic characteristics of the letterforms had me convinced I chose the right one.

Initial round of sketches to develop an interesting personal mark

My desire was two-fold. (1) I wanted to brand myself accurately and with a clear sense of complexity. (2) To distinguish myself from my peers. By pursuing a more gothic, medieval style, I knew nobody would confuse my identity with any of my classmates, but still the style accurately reflected my personality. I took inspiration from the complexity and attention to detail of Chad Michael Studios and the master type designer Seb Lester to produce a monogram that encapsulated my style. Using lots of color does not communicate my personality, so the color palette of white, a darker gold, and a rich black is what I chose. I've always loved the elegance of serif typefaces from the Transitional period, which is why I chose to use with my brand a contemporary typeface of that style, known as Argent CF.

When it came to paper and production techniques, I did not hold back to make it special and elegant, to drive really drive home the style I developed. The black, 95 lb. Text Plike were custom created by Graphic Specialties in Grand Rapids. The Label and Résumé is a complementary, Environment Text sheet from Neenah, that has bit of a texture too it. The golden child of these touchpoints are the business cards produced by Rose Engraving. The substrate is the 122 lb. Cover stock Plike sheet that was engraved with Pantone 872 Metallic Ink.