A Press Check at Foremost Communications

I woke up bright and early on March 8th, to complete my first, professional press check at Foremost Communications for our client, the Student Advancement Foundation of Grand Rapids. Being the dedicated student I am, I happened to stay in Big Rapids during spring break and drove down to Grand Rapids the morning of to partake in the check. The rep I met was Craig and we started off by going to the check room with a proof of the Invite and RSVP that was to be Offset printed. He understood I was a student, and briefly discussed with me some of the things I should pay attention too. Much of what he mentioned, I was at least familiar with because of the production class I took my Junior year, so I took a loupe and looked for hickeys, other marks, and checked the colors compared to our prototypes. There was one mark that was noted, and after a few minutes they ran another and I provided a sign off.

Proof of the Invite and RSVP

Craig then gave me a tour of their very large facility and showed me the multiple printing methods each section of the shop is capable of. At Foremost, they are able capable of offset printing, digital, binding, die cutting, and numerous other tasks. After we finished, he asked me if I had any questions and we then we headed back to the lobby. It was quite a brief process, but I learned a decent amount to be conscious of for future checks.

Final Invitation package